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Pop Evil Releases New Single “Survivor”!

Pop Evil has released another single from their most recent album “Versatile”. You can order a copy here. The new single is called Survivor and its a damn fine tune. One of my favorites on the record. At first listen you may think the is a power ballad but you would be wrong. as it gets heavy where it needs to be. You know you are listening to Pop Evil because of it. The lyrics are impactful and one of my favorite verses is;

“Keep my head up, sinking lost in all of these waves These odds keep me going, the tide has finally changed When it gets harder to breathe, I guess I’ll just have to scream Get up back on my feet, I want the world to see me”

I have listened to this song many times and it really grows on rather quickly. You also get an interesting animated video. You can check it out below.

#PopEvil #Survivor #Versatile

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