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Pop Evil Releases “Work” With An Animated Video!

Pop Evil has yet tone named album coming out sometime this year. Prior to its release the band has decided to put out singles until the record does come out. The latest of these is the Work. The song pulled me in right away and never let me go. Musically it really drives the lyrics home. The words to the song are so relatable. When you hear the following;

“Am I ever gonna break free? Will I ever see what it’s worth? ‘Cause you tell me to be happy When all I do, all I do, is work”

  Who hasn’t experienced being in that rut of “All I do, is work. The twist in the song is the you take a stand for yourself and move on. Leigh Kakaty really makes you feel the emotional turmoil and anguish that work brings to you. He makes you a believer. Nick Fuelling’s guitar solo kind makes you feel what Kakaty is singing about. The video is animated and really shows the redundancy of work and what the song is conveying. The whole package is well done. Check it out below.

#PopEvil #Work

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