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Psycle Release New Single “Last Chance For The Saints” Spreading The Truth About The Opi

 Psycle has anew album coming out on June 12th titled “Kill The Machine”. Last Chance For The Saints is the third single from the record. This is another great effort from the band. This song has a nice tempo that peaks your curiosity musically. The song opens with a chant that I can imagine will be great with a I’ve audience participating with fists in the air. The riffs have a groove that requires you pay attention. Midway through the song, the band gives everyone a solo which is very well done and dare I say extremely cool. Seth’s Salois’s vocals have a hypnotic vibe that makes you hang on every word to see what’s going to be said next, like the opening verse;

“This is the last chance for the saints, Keep making the pills and we’ll medicate, I’ll never refuse while I lie here, The beautiful taste your supply cheers”

 Powerful and descriptive words about the addiction and you just want to hear more. I’ll  let you discover how the rest of the words unfold. I like the fact that the band took on both sides of the Opioid epidemic from dealer to user and so on. A message everyone needs to listen to. This isn’t preaching but perspective which is missing at times from song of this caliber. This song is the real deal, a great rocker and packaged well it should be getting regular airplay on commercial radio. The video does a nice job following the lyrics and explaining what you are hearing. I found the cemetery an appropriate place to have the words come to life. I also like the way the put the band’s logo throughout the video, that is well done. Enjoy the the lyric video and song below.

#KillTheMachine #Psycle

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