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Psycle Releases A New Single “Changing Tides” About Pressing On No Matter What!

  Psycle has a new album coming out on June 12th titled “Kill The Machine”. Unfortunately you cannot pre-order at this time. I advise you to follow the band at their website here. or any of their other social media pages to get the opportunity to pre-order it and receive other information about the band. The second single from the band is Changing Tides. The first thing about the song is that I noticed its quite the contrast from their first one, the title track of the album. To make the point I ask if you haven’t heard it to check it out here. I believe that is a great sign of a band that they can pull off such a varied sound and still rock like they do. Before I go on about my take here is what the band had to say about it;

  “For our second single “Changing Tide,” we wanted to show the diversity within the album and offer a glimpse into the journey we hope the album creates. “Kill the Machine” is raw, unforgiving and pointed where “Changing Tide” is sweeping, emotional and accepting” says the band. They add,”Changing Tide” is about believing in your individuality, accepting the hand that you are dealt and persevering through whatever stands in your way.”

  Now I couldn’t summarize the song any better than that, lyrically. I think the song also is a great one for what we as a society are going through with the coronavirus. Actually the words can apply to any struggle I believe and it’s a great way to remind you that you are never lost and you can overcome. I love the message and how the personalize it;

“I’ll never give in, I’ll never give up this fight”

  You can put yourself right into the song and visualize yourself being victorious and that is inspiring. Musically the song has and Alter Bridge type of vibe to it, but more of a melodic tone. This one is a grower, by that I mean the more you listen to it the more you want to play it. When a song is as relatable like this one is, you know you have something special. The video is a lyric one and I think you’ll enjoy it as it helps you follow along with the words but makes it so you can focus on the emotion that it brings to life. Check it out below.

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