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Psycle’s Fantastic New Album “Kill The Machine”!


Kill The Machine

Track List                                                         Band Members

1- King Without A Throne                                  Seth Salois- Vocals/Guitar

2- Kill The Machine                                             Mike Kaz- Bass/Vocals

3- The Outsider                                            Joe Nicolazzo- Guitar

4- Changing Tide                                               Jay Spyne- Drums/Vocals

5- Vulture At Play

6- Dying To Live

7- Last Chance For The Saints

8- White Flag

  Produced By:                                               Band Website: Chris Piquette                             

I’m not sure where to begin about this group that came to my attention. They have been around for awhile, that is my cross to bear as I didn’t know of them earlier. My guilt aside, you need to pay attention to this band. I can’t see them being a local or regional band for long. This record will be their path to broader recognition. Ths band is worth your time and your attention. This is one of those situations where you can get in on the ground floor so to speak. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Now on to the album “Kill The Machine”!

Let’s take a minute to admire the cover. I think it gives the name of the record some perspective. What makes it even better is that the band’s frontman Seth Salois made it. You know he put some serious thought into it to represent the album as a whole. I just wanted to note that. The first song is King Without A Throne. Immediately what stands out on this song is the rhythm section. Jay Spyne (Drums) and Mike Kaz (Bass) pull you in by the way they build the anticipation that something good is going to happen. Along with them you get power chords and a melodic guitar solo. I enjoy how this one just continues to build up and levels off then builds back up again and finishes strong. I definitely see this song as a great opener for the band. It would be the perfect marriage for fans and the group in a live setting.

Next up is the title track Kill The Machine. This is the first song I heard from this record and it’s my favorite. The song is a wake up call and a call to action all in one. The first verse sets up the point and the chorus is the action to end it. When you hear the following lyrics you understand the message;

“Take a drink from the fountain, the evolution is free Get the truth from the late night talk show, cause we know that it’s for real Get your looks from the cover of Cosmo, your sports from the 4 letter place Never mention the mind that you follow, it’s all the company pace

Were and automatic systematic breed Like a true fanatic, a problematic seed All the new dramatics, the lions that we feed We give it all that we need, you gotta kill the machine”

  The song is about our current society. It doesn’t take political sides, but your side. Before I get too carried away, let’s talk music. Salois’s vocals deliver the words with conviction and passion. In a pissed off sort of way that we fell for this and now a change needs to come. The music is heavy, yet melodic and maintains your interest. I think by the end of the tune you will be singing the chorus. I find it that catchy. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Joe Nicolazzo’s guitar solo. How he pulls the whole thing together within that he makes the guitar have its own voice especially how the solo goes into the chorus, its eargasmic. This one should be on your playlist.

The third number is The Outsider. If you love the guitar, this one’s for you. Nicolazzo spares no expense on this one. It’s very moody and I think you will like the cadence that Salois provides as he sings this one. DId I mention the amazing guitar work on this track? Yes, it’s that good.

I always like to give you songs to discover on your own without any outside influence especially mine. That being said, Changing Tide, Vulture At Play, and Dying To Live will be for your listening pleasure. Trust me when I say I want to review everyone of these, but I need to keep my protocol in place. You need to have fun discovering these guys as well.

This brings me to Last Chance For The Saints, the seventh track. The song is about addiction and I can’t think of a better way to describe it than these words;

“This is the last chance for the saints, Keep making the pills and we’ll medicate I’ll never refuse while I lie here The beautiful taste your supply cheers”

  Those words paint one hell of a picture. Truth can be scary and if you were addicted or know someone who was/is these lyrics will resonate. I believe if this was one commercial radio it would be a hit. The chant in the beginning lends itself to crowd participation live. This is a fist in the air type of song. The music and the words are the ingredients for a perfect rock track. This is just an overall fantastic tune. You’ll be playing this one for a long time to come.

The closing track is White Flag. The heroes on this song are the rhythm section again. Spyne and Kaz are as lethal as they come. Kaz’s bass playing really stands out through the song. But they both compliment Nicolazzo’s solo. This one starts off slow then gets to a mid tempo for a bit and then the breaks down to a crawl where Salois vocals take on a different style which is a surprise and very cool. The music builds back up and ends. A great way to bring a close the record.

I hope you really take a serious listen to this record and their previous records. This band is really worth you checking out. Explore their website and their social media. I think we have something special here.

Songs to check out are Kill The Machine, The Outsider, Changing Tide, Dying To Live and Last Chance For The Saints.

Check out their song Last Chance For The Saints below.

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