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Queensryche- Queensryche



Track List                                                                          Band Members

  1. 1- X2                                                                                Todd La Torre- Vocals

  2. 2- Where Dreams Go To Die                                          Michael Wilton- Guitar

  3. 3- Spore                                                                       Parker Lundgren- Guitar

  4. 4- In This Light                                                                Eddie Jackson- Bass

  5. 5- Redemption                                                           Scott Rockenfield- Drums

  6. 6- Vindication

  7. 7- Midnight Lullaby                                        Produced By: James “Jimbo” Barton

  8. 8- World Without

  9. 9- Don’t Look Back                      Official Site:

  10. 10- Fallout

  11. 11- Open Road                                                           Label: Century Media

 To begin with, I never thought I would ever listen to another Queensryche album after Dedicated To Chaos, that was absolutely the most horrid thing I have heard at the time. That being said. Tadd La Torre brings back the the glory days of the band. This album is a breath of fresh air. His vocal range is amazing. I do wish that Queensryche took a page out of the Alter Bridge book. Alter Bridge  took the best part of Creed wand then they changed their singer to Myles Kennedy and made a great new band as we know them today. I’m not saying Queensryche is Alter Bridge, but you get the idea. Queensryche should have done the same thing. Why get into the battle and the courts about who is the real band. You can decide, but by far for me La Torre’s version is much better. Fans should consider this a new beginning.

 The album opens with X2, an instrumental. The next track, Where Dream Go To Die, seems to be about Mr. Geoff Tate with lyrics about revenge;

 “You thought you would get away, but Karma made it’s move. The bad things that you’ve done, will be coming back for you”.

 That pretty much says it all. The music matches the intensity of the lyrics as well. Moving through the album, Spore is my favorite song on the album. Mainly, you can really hear La Torre’s range and what he can do. Make no mistake about it the boy can sing. Redemption, is the first single off the record (possibly another shot at Tate). I think it gave fans hope that they finally made a real Queensryche album. Fallout, another fave of mine, gives you what real progressive music should sound like. La Torre’s harmonies over Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren’s guitars is nothing short of amazing. Open Road ends the album in a moody slowed down emotional track. Not quite what I was expecting, but a good stand alone tune. Not a bad way to end the album.

 Initially, I didn’t know what to expect from this record.  But I was pleasantly surprised when I did give it a full listen (many times I might add). The rhythm section of Scott Rockenfield and Eddie Jackson are very tight and it shows throughout the album. Through the years you have heard from members of the band that they had lots of material that Tate wouldn’t use and it shows here on this record, that they were right they had the right music for the band and La Torre is the right front man. If I have to say anything negative, it is that the record barely lasts a half hour. In that way, you kind of feel cheated, but the music stands on it’s own merits. Maybe, just maybe, Queensryche is aptly titled debut with singer La Torre at the helm.

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