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Queensryche Releases Epic New Single “Behind The Walls”!

Queensryche will be releasing a new album on October 7th titled “Digital Noise Alliance”. You can pre-order it here. The new single ahead of it’s release is Behind The Walls. The song comes in at 7:13, that’s not your normal single release. The highlight to me in this song is Casey Grillo’s drumming. I love the way he controls the music and emphasis his beats. It just stands out to me as something special on band that is based on guitars and vocals. Of course there is no denying the dueling guitars of Mike Stone and Mike F. Wilton. That aside, the song fits in the bands vein as you wold expect. The video on the other hand brings the words to life in that it tells the story of someone trying to come to terms with an abusive past and putting it behind them. Check it out below.

#BehindTheWalls #DigitalNoiseAlliance #Queensryche

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