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Quiet Riot Releases “In The Blood”!

Quiet Riot has released a new single from their recently released album “Hollywood Cowboys”. In The Blood is the latest single from the record. This song still features James Durbin on vocals, but since then he was replaced with former singer Jizzy Pearl. The single won’t blow you away or anything it’s standard rock. The real highlight is guitar solo from Alex Grossi. He does a fantastic job and really saves the track. The video also features Durbin instead of Pearl, which means they have had this in their hands for quite sometime. The video also is shot in the will wild west and I think they do an excellent job with that setting. Playing off their album title they use The Good, The Band, The Ugly as their version of the movie The Good The Bad And The Ugly. Makes the song a bit better than if you were to just listen to it. You can check it all out below.

#HollywoodCowboys #InTheBlood #QuietRiot

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