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Quiet Riot Releases Unheard Song "I Can't Hold On" Featuring The Late Kevin Dubrow & Frankie Banali!

Quiet Riot has released a never before heard song from their 2008 album “Rehab”. The album has been remastered and put on streaming services for the first time. The track is called I Can’t Hold On. The song is a ballad and shows some of Dubrow’s best vocals. I guess we should relish in the fact that there is some material yet to be heard with Dubrow. To complete the lineup on this one is Frankie Banali, current guitarist Alex Grossi (Who wrote the song with Dubrow) and bassist Rudy Sarzo. As far as ballads go, this is as good as they come. I think the real thing that takes this song to an emotional level is hearing the words being sung over the video. I won’t give away any spoilers but this is a must watch if you are fan of the band. It is well done and touching. Check it out below.

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