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Rammstein Release “Deutschland” 10 Years In The Making And The Video Is Epic!

Rammstein has a new self-titled album coming out on May 17, their first new music in 10 years. You can pre-order it here. The bands new single Deutschland is well worth the wait. The guitar riff is fantastic and the drums draw your attention and your focus. It really makes the song hum. I wish I could understand the German language but regardless of the lyrics the music stands out. It proves you don’t have to understand a language to get the song. The video on the other hand may explain the lyrics. The video is very graphic and the band even state that it is age restricted. The video is an epic performance from the band and a visual undertaking. It seems to takes through a journey of Germany’s history, almost a love/hate relationship. I’m sure some controversy will arise from it because you have to know history in order not to repeat it. In any event the band does a great job with it an also portraying the characters they play. I won’t give details so you can enjoy it yourself. Check it out below.

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