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Rammstein Releases Kick Ass New Single “Dicke Titten”!

Rammstein has released another single from their current album “Zeit”. You can order a copy here. The new single is “Dick Titten”. Translated from German it means big boobs. The words tell of a man who is looking for a wife and she doesn’t have to be a knock out just needs big boobs. The rhythm section is what this song is driven by. It has a real nice cadence and really gets you hooked in. Till Lindemann tells a story like no other and I really like the way he delivers this one. The band always seems to have a tongue and cheek attitude about their music and lyrics. This is no exception. Check out this verse;

“Doesn’t she have to be beautiful She doesn’t have to be smart no She doesn’t have to be rich But I would like to ask one thing big boobs”

That verse alone will help you understand the video hat much better. Their videos always tell a story and they are like mini films. This one really brings the song to life. It also has a some humorous moments in it. You can check it all out below.

#DickeTitten #Rammstein #Zeit

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