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Rammstein Releases New Single “Angst”!

Rammstein just released a new album titled “Zeit”. You can order a copy here. The latest single is Angst (which means fear in German). Once again the band has impressed me with what they are doing on this record. This is heavy and real catchy. I swear their songs are somewhat hypnotic. As soon as I play it I have to do it again and again. I’ll let you dive in on your own, after all it is Rammstein.

My understanding is the song and the video is based on a childhood German game called the “Black Man”. Basically, who’s afraid of him premise. The video takes this to the extreme, you have a lot going on throughout it based on the family and their fears etc. You have to watch it all the way to the end. Most know you are always in for a video treat with this band. Check it out below.

#Angst #Rammstein #Zeit

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