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Reckless Road by Marc Carter

Reckless Road Guns and Roses

And the Making Of Appetite For Destruction

Marc Canter

    Marc Canter, who was a friend of Slash’s, took photos of Guns and Roses from 1985 to 1987. He covered everything from where they lived, played and recorded Appetite and everything in between. He didn’t realize at the time that he was documenting one of rocks greatest bands. The book is over 300 pages long which makes it that much better. But, I’m sure we are all glad he did and wish we could have been part of that magic. No worries though Marc puts us right there in the thick of it all, with his pictures, his sidebars and interviews. Also included is access to video and audio by going to the special web site listed in the book with a code.

     Canter was the unofficial sixth member of the band. Because of that , the access he had makes for a great book. It’s a must read for any Guns and Roses fan. The photos are great and the way Canter tells the story with photos and comments of the band playing live and trying to make it with a record label. You get the feeling of what it was like for them and the commitment they had to make it. This was truly a labor of love.

     Many of the photos are rare and worth checking out alone, you won’t find them elsewhere. Mostly everyone in the band and tied to the band in some way are quoted or interviewed through out the book, so you get a good idea of what was happening and how special it was. You almost feel the magic taking place but the daily accounts of the live shows and/or when they are hanging out, etc. I highly recommend you own it and take the journey that it provides for you, to be in the middle of all the 80’s metal scene on the Sunset Strip, and relive one of music’s melting pots of great bands, one which gave us Guns and Roses to feed our appetite for it.

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