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Recreating Eden’s Self-Titled Debut Album!

Recreating Eden

                  Tracklist                                                         Band

1- Choices And Traps                                      Andrew Douglas- Lead Vocals

2- The Rocksville Massacre                                Cameron Stahl – Lead/Rhythm Guitar

3- Theres A First Time For Everything                 Frankie Cortinas – Lead/Rhythm Guitar

4- Veins                                                                         Steven Rodriguez – Drums

5- Anthem Mix

6- Devil In The Details

                           Official Site:                                                                  Produced By           

                                                                  Recreating Eden

Recreating Eden are a progressive rock band with an alternative flare, from San Antonio, Texas. First thing you will notice is that these guys know how to get your attention. The opening track Choices And Traps exposes you to the dual guitar work of Cameron Stahl and Frankie Cortinas and is really worthy of your attention. Once you get into the groove of this opening number you get taken by surprise with Andrew Douglas. His vocals remind me of Geddy Lee (Rush), with the difference is that Douglas actually can deliver a tune more so than Lee. The song is also the longest on the record clocking in at 6:31. That aside, I think it’s the right track to open the album.

The second song up is The Rocksville Massacre. The one thing about this song is Steven Rodriguez drumming. It is the star of this song. I won’t spoil the song for you, but there are few breakdowns and speed changes that are really done well. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this track. I also like that they faded the song out on a chord. Nice touch.

Theres A First Time For Everything slows things down a bit from the other tracks and Douglas’s singing goes to a whole different place and shows his true vocal range, that alone makes this must listen. Veins is probably one of my favorite songs on the EP. This track has everything in it as far a space, some parts fast and intense and others that are slow and moody. I really love the following lyrics from it;

“How did things get this far out of hand,

I have my heart set on cold and bloody revenge”

The lyric really paints a picture there, doesn’t it? I liked the choice of words for the feeling of revenge. When you hear Douglas sing thse wrds with the climax of the music behind it, it’s pretty over the top. I think you will see why it’s one to check out.

The fifth song is heavily riff driven and probably the most radio friendly. But don’t let those words scare you, Devil In The Details is an excellent tune. I absolutely think the guitar work is smooth and melodic. The album closer is a great way to end the album. Like the opener its a guitar driven and shows what a nice pairing as dual guitarists. But to me the hero of this song is Rodriguez drums. He does an amazing job setting the tone and driving this song. This band seems to have a cool synergy to rise up on the Texas music scene. You can learn more about the band from their website here.

The songs to check out are Choices And Traps, Veins, and Anthem Mix. Check out their latest video and single Devil In The Details below.


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