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Renegade Cartel Release “Dear World”!

Renegade Cartel has released a new single and video from their debut album “Dear World”, out now. The power trio has released the title track. The song is heavy and power chord crunching as it gets. There’s a lot of good things to talk about on this song, Rob Laflamme’s drums, I mean when you first hear him pounding away in the beginning you know you were getting something special and he maintains that drive through out the track. Frontman and bassist Stephen Damon-Tilley  doesn’t disappoint with his playing or his passionate vocals, they really carry the song. But I have to say Vic Robles guitar playing is just over the top. As stated its heavy yet methodical in a way that Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) plays. Robles solo is what makes him stand apart from others. He really makes that guitar talk in away that I haven’t heard in a very long time. As the song plays out his guitar work gets better and better through out it. It’s refreshing to hear this trio put forth such a masterful sound that makes you demand more. Just another example of why rock isn’t dead. The video shows the band performing the song in a airport hangar. Anytime you can see the band play in a video versus actors is always a good thing. Check it out below.

#DearWorld #RenegadeCartel

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