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Reunited Dokken, Release “In My Dreams” Live!

The original lineup of Dokken reunited for a mini-tour of Japan. Yes, it was a money grab, but who wouldn’t for a select few dates. As a side note, Don Dokken’s version of the band is still touring, this is supposed to be a one-off thing. The reunion version of the band have a new CD/LP/DVD coming out on April 20th called “Return To The East Live 2016”. The package will include bonus footage of the band rehearsing, touring and feature a new song It’s Just Another Day. Before it’s release they have put out a performance clip for In My Dreams. I’m sure the mix sounds better than they did live, but we all know live albums, for the most part, are all reworked. But this version sounds good. I have to say, Don Dokken, doesn’t seem to enthused to be on the stage with these guys, really going through the motions. The rest of the band to seem into it and having a good time. You can judge it for yourself below.

#Dokken #InYourDreams #ReturnToTheEastLive2016

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