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Rhode Island’s Deer Tick Releases New Single “If She Could Only See Me Now”!

Deer Tick has a new Live album coming out on July 30th titled “Deer Tick: Live From Fort Adams”. You can pre-order it here. The live performance was recorded at Fort Adams in Newport, R.I. on Aug. 1, 2020. Ahead of it’s release a new song and single If She Could Only See Me Now. The sing has a real 1960’s vibe. It’s like The Beatles meets The Grateful Dead. I really like it more and more as I play it over and over. This is a true grower. I think you will find this a pleasure to listen too. Unfortunately there is no video. You can check out the stream of the song below.

#DeerTick #DeerTickLiveFromFortAdams #IfSheCouldOnlySeeMeNow

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