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Richie Kotzen Releases New Single “Raise The Cain” Featuring Mike Portnoy!

Richie Kotzen (Winery Dogs) has released a stand alone single Raise The Cain that features Mike Portnoy (Winery Dogs, Flying Colors, Dream Theater, etc). The song really is a call to action. Taking shots at our political leaders and asking us to make our voices heard. When you read the words to the following;

“In with the new Out with the old We say unite But nature divides So where do you go when you’re out of hope? These broken lives Leave our innocence to die

I wanna hear your voice raise the cain”

It seems pretty clear to me. I guess you can apply this to other things in your life, but I think it’s politically driven. Kotzen said he had this song kicking around and decided after a phone conversation with Portnoy that they should record it. I am glad that they did. Hearing Kotzen play guitar and bass is a joy, let alone his voice. Portnoy’s drumming is always an asset to whoever he plays with so you have quite the powerful performance and duo here. It’s just a great rock tune. The video basically shows Kotzen playing with instruments and singing. I am surprised that he didn’t get Portnoy in the video, regardless it’s worth watching. Check it out below.

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