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Rival Sons Deliver Another Rocking Number With “Back In The Woods”!

Rival Sons has a new album coming out on January 25th called “Feral Roots”. You can pre-order it here. The second release from the album is Back In The Woods. It’s a shame that the band and this song don’t get the air time they deserve. Stations should be playing them everywhere. Jay Buchanan’s voice is one of the best rock vocalist of this era. Michael Miley’s drums kick off the song and maintains the ferocity through out the song. This song is bluesy and raw. I can’t find fault on this one. The video is the cover of the album with some animation. The art for and the video does nothing for me except that it makes focus on the song, so that’s the win for me. Give it a listen below.

#BackInTheWoods #FeralRoots #RivalSons

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