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Rob Zombie Releases A Real Dark Single “Crow Killer Blues”!

Rob Zombie just released a new album “The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy”. You can order a copy here. The third single from the album is Crow Killer Blues. First off I just want to say what a great name for song. Tell me I’m wrong. Better yet, the music matches the expectation. To me this is some of Zombie’s and John 5’s best work. The gloom and doom lyrics like these;

“Darkness judgement shall begin Heretic topped with a skeletal grin Blood lust theifs and reptiles rise Punishment damned under blackened eyes”

The words really set the mood. To top it off John 5’s eerie guitar solo just puts the track over the top. Yes, it’s that good. Everything about this song is pure evil and fits the Zombie mold. This will be a classic someday. The video is shot black and white which add to the whole mystic of the dark theme. I also enjoy the way Zombie narrates the lyrics into his story and watching the band playing, all of this is so good. You can check it out below.

#CrowKillerBlues #RobZombie #TheLunarInjectionKoolAidEclipseConspiracy

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