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Rob Zombie Releases Kick Ass New Single “Shadow Of The Cemetery Man”!

Rob Zombie has released a new single from his current album “The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy”. You can get a copy of it here. Shadow Of The Cemetery Man is the latest single and probably my favorite off the album. I love the energy in this track and the funky groove it has. The song has a real fun vibe to it. You can get your just pumping and get pulled in by the chorus and rock out. What else can you ask for? The video just shows how well this song goes over live. It’s made for audience participation. I love that he chose to do a performance clip of the song. You get to see him playing this from various parts of the tour. John 5 seems to be having a great time as well.  I’m sure it will be a fan favorite if it isn’t already. Check it out below.

#RobZombie #ShadowOfTheCemeteryMan #TheLunarInjectionKoolAidEclipseConspiracy

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