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Robert Jon & The Wreck Redefining Bluesy Southern Rock With New Single And Title Track “S

Robert Jon & The Wreck has anew album coming out on September 3rd, titled “Shine a Light On Me Brother”. You can pre-order it here. The new single is the title track and it has everything you would want in a song. It has slide guitar, horns, hooks and cool riffs. This is a throw back but yet modern. You can hear lot of influences, yet it’s done in a refreshing way. You get hooked right away. The guitar solo is a melodic and bluesy in a way that pulls you in and takes you on a ride. As you can tell I really enjoyed this track.

The video is just a fun and energetic thing to watch. You obviously get the southern preacher thing but you see them all having good time. Can you imagine what they are like to see live. The combination of the song and the video just make for a great pairing. Check it out below.

#RobertJonampTheWreck #ShineaLightOnMeBrother

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