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Robert Jon & The Wreck Release Rocking New Single "Come At Me"!

Updated: Feb 6

Photo By: Rob Bondurant

Robert Jon & The Wreck have a new EP coming out on March 10th titled "One Of A Kind". You can't pre-order yet but you can watch for it at their website here. The new single is Come At Me. This is very much a rocker and high energy track. Andrew Espantman drumming really drives this song and enhances Robert Jon Burrison's vocals. The guitar work on this gets your attention and take you for a fun ride Henry James has melodic shredding guitar solo that takes the song to another level. The song has the makings of an anthem. I can see this one played sporting events etc. It will also go over great live. The video is great translation of the lyrics. I won't spoil it for you, you can check it all out below.

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