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Rockucation Question For The Week Of February 11th, 2018!

Last Week’s Rockucation Question:

This band was founded by a guitarist who graduated from MIT with a 4.8 out of 5.0. He worked at Polaroid before making the band. On the band’s first album he produced it and wrote it. He recorded it in his home studio. He was known as a perfectionist. The band wasn’t formed until after the guitarist signed a record deal and needed to tour for it. Who is the guitarist and band?


Tom Scholz, Boston


Jack Stubblefield, Corpus Christi, TX, Darryl Sampson, Kingston, MA, Buddy Denomme, North Smithfield, RI, Phylis Bourque, Pawtucket, RI, Chuck Dressler, Warwick, RI.

This week’s Rockucation question is:

This Poison guitarist played the lead solo in this Warrant hit. Name the guitarist and the song.

Click Here To Answer This Weeks Question

Think you know this music question? Take a guess by clicking the link above! If you answer it correctly, your name will be featured in next week’s Rockucation section.


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