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Rockucation Question For The Week Of May 7th, 2017!

Last Week’s Rockucation Question:

This left-handed rock legend, spent 10 days in a Tokyo jail for going through customs with a half a pound of marijuana. Not long after the arrest, he broke up his second band who he was on tour with at the time. Who is he and what band was he in at the time.


Paul McCartney and the band was Wings


Jack Stubblefield, Corpus Christi, TX, Chuck Dressler, Warwick, RI, and Phyllis Borque, Pawtucket, RI

This week’s Rockucation question is:

This Band’s album was on the Billboard charts for over 14 years. It was recorded in Abbey Road Studios. It is said that the album synchronizes with a movie from 1939, based on a book written by L. Frank Baum. The band has said the movie didn’t have anything to do with the album. Name the band, the album and the movie?

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Think you know this music question? Take a guess by clicking the link above! If you answer it correctly, your name will be featured in next week’s Rockucation section.

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