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Rockucation Question For The Week Of October 1st, 2017!

Last Week’s Rockucation Question:

These two bands each changed singers to form two new bands. Both bands were 4 piece groups. In the first band, the singer quit because of the tensions within the band. The band found another singer and made a new band that was quite successful. The band broke up in 2007. The second band the bassist left first while they recorded an album, then that band broke up because of tensions as well between members.The bassist reformed with the remaining members of the band with a new singer and still continue to play today. Who are the two bands?


Rage Against The Machine singer Zack De La Rocha, the remaining band hooked up with Chris Cornell and made Audioslave. The second band split Scott Stapp of Creed. The band went on to make Alter Bridge with Myles Kennedy. The answer is Audioslave and Alter Bridge./p>


Evan Portno, Coventry, R.I.

This week’s Rockucation question is:

Who are Paul David Hewson and David Howell Evans?

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