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Rockucation Question This Week Of August 15th, 2021!

Last Week’s Rockucation Question:

The singer of this band was originally a drummer but told the band if he was going to join he had to be the lead singer. They were the first band to be on The Simpsons. The name of the band came from the drummer who doodled the name on his book covers during high school. This band also made one album without their original lineup. They were also the first band to have a release with Guitar Hero. Who is the band?




Mike Teuma, Melbourne, Australia, G, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Gabe R. Atlanta, GA, Bryan Kuntz, Hopkins, MN, Jack Stubblefield, Corpus Christi, TX, Ron Lariviere, North Providence, RI, Nina McCarthy, Westerly, RI, Anthony Riccio, East Greenwich, RI, Darryl Sampson, Kingston, MA,, Debbie Epstein, Sarasota, FL,

This week’s Rockucation question is:

The following rock stars all have this in common; Jimi Hendrix, John Fogerty, B.B. King, Jerry Garcia, Jason Everman, Ray Manzarek and Fred Durst. What is it?

Click Here To Answer This Week’s Question

Do you think you know the answer to this music question? Take a guess by clicking the link above! If you answer it correctly, your name will be featured in next week’s Rockucation section. Please when responding give us your first and last name, and where you are from as an example John Doe, Atlanta, Georgia.


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