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Rockucation Question This Week Of February 6, 2022!

Last Week’s Rockucation Question:

Who is the person (Groupie at the time), who made a plaster cast of rock stars phalluses. The most famous one is Jimi Hendrix. A band also wrote a song about it. Who is the person who created it, and the song and the band who write about it?


Cynthia Plaster Caster, Cynthia Albritton. Plaster Caster, KISS.


Steve Mourtos, Chesterfield Township, MI, Debbie Epstein, Sarasota, FL, Nina McCarthy, Westerly, RI.

This week’s Rockucation question is:

Who is Frank Carlton Serafino Ferrana?

Click Here To Answer This Week’s Question

Do you think you know the answer to this music question? Take a guess by clicking the link above! If you answer it correctly, your name will be featured in next week’s Rockucation section. Please when responding give us your first and last name, and where you are from as an example John Doe, Atlanta, Georgia.


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