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Rockucation Question This Week Of January 10th, 2021!

Last Week’s Rockucation Question:

Which one of Bruce Springsteen’s songs was a number one hit?


Blinded By The Light went to number one, not by Springsteen but by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band who covered it.


Darryl Sampson, Kingston, MA and Kathleen Flynn, Cranston, RI.

This week’s Rockucation question is:

This early rocker who helped make rock popular and loved by the world never toured outside of America. His manager wouldn’t allow it for many reasons, but the main one was that he wouldn’t want a foreign manager to convince him that he was too controlling over his career and dump him. Who is the artist and manager?

Click Here To Answer This Week’s Question

Do you think you know the answer to this music question? Take a guess by clicking the link above! If you answer it correctly, your name will be featured in next week’s Rockucation section.


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