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Rolling Stone’s Readers Top 10 Metal Bands

1- Metallica 2- Dream Theater 3- Black Sabbath 4- Iron Maiden 5- Slayer 6- Megadeth 7- Judas Priest 8- Led Zeppelin 9- Pantera 10- Tool

Let me make this clear that it’s a reader poll of Rolling Stone magazine. I don’t subscribe to it, I think they don’t get the music industry from a true fan perspective and obviously neither do their readers. They are probably the same people who vote Madonna into the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame. But I digress, back on topic. I don’t agree with the order and for that matter some of the bands that are listed. I don’t know how they can justify this list, the readers or the magazine. Some screening should have went on here. Dream Theater, number 2. Really? That’s just insane. They shouldn’t be anywhere near the top 10. Led Zep at number 8, are you kidding me? This is what gives metal heads a bad name, Poll’s like this that don’t reflect the true fan.

In my opinion, the following should be removed from this list; Dream Theater, Tool and I will say I would take off Megadeth. After all we are talking of all time here. The first thing that sticks out to me is that (Besides that terrible order) is where is Motorhead? Hello, they are one of the fathers of metal, the definition of loud as well. Where’s AC/DC, KISS or even Deep Purple???? My list would really be like this:

1- Black Sabbath 2- Led Zeppelin 3- Deep Purple 4- Judas Priest 5- Motorhead 6- KISS 7- AC/DC 8- Van Halen 9- Guns and Roses 10- Metallica

Now I know it’s not totally in line with what was listed in Rolling Stone, but bands like Slayer and Pantera were spawned off of these bands. They would come later on my list. But after number 1 and 2, I don’t care how you mix up the order. But the bands I listed are influential to what was to come after them. They planted the seed. I’m sure you will disagree on some, but you have to look where it started from and who most of the bands you listen to today say that influenced them. Some honorable mentions that weren’t named are: Blue Cheer (really heavy in their day, just listen to Summer Time Blues), Anthrax, Motley Crue, Scorpions and I would even throw in the mix, Aerosmith and Alice In Chains.

But I definitely don’t think that Rolling Stone and it’s readers get it. I can imagine who didn’t make that they voted for. Personally, I think they should list by style to make it a more valid poll. To vague in my perspective. So many get overlooked. But there you have it. Oh and don’t buy or support Rolling Stone in any way (view online, if you have too). They don’t represent the true fan, but the critics only who have no idea what a great song or band is.

For those who thought they knew how to rock!

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