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Sammy Hagar Releases New Song, No Worries!

Sammy Hagar has released a new song from his current career retrospective album, “This Is Sammy Hagar: When The Party Started, Vol. 1.” The song is called, No Worries. It’s an acoustic version of the song that he hopes to record as a full fledged song someday. It’s the second of two new tracks on the album. The other was, Never Say Goodbye.

I actually enjoyed this song. I think its kind of fitting for Hagar. I like the lyrical content of the song as well. Here’s what Hagar said about the track. “I’m thinking about my life and thinking … I really don’t have anything to worry about. But what about a guy [who’s] got no money, no car, no phone. I can’t be claiming that, but it sounds right, you know what I mean? I thought about myself,” he continued. “If I was young, late teens, early 20s, and living the life I’m living but hadn’t made it yet, this would be the guy. ‘No Worries’ is Sammy Hagar before I made it — where my head’s at now, though.”

He co wrote it with his nephew, Tom Solis. You can check it out below.

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