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ScreamKing Vocalist Joe Lawson Defines Metal And Says Rocks Not Dead, It Changes!

Joe Lawson the vocalist for ScreamKing graces the SRR to answer a few questions. 

SRR: For those who don’t know much about you, how would you describe your music and sound?

JL: ScreamKing is a full on sonic assault of a combination of thrash, classic, progressive, doom and even elements of death metal balanced into a hybrid heavy metal machine!

SRR: How did you come up with your band name, that must be an interesting story?

JL: The band name came from a local editor and radio DJ Tom Lounges who nicknamed me the region Scream King.

SRR: Please tell us about your latest album?

JL: Our latest album is ” Tyranny of the Sea” released in 2017.

SRR: What is your live show like?

JL: We pour our hearts into our music live and give the fans the best show we possibly can every time we play.

SRR: How do you promote your shows or do you rely on the venue?

JL: We always promote our shows on social media, our official website, radio stations and flyers that we print and hang ourselves so a little of the old school mixed with the modern internet age as well.

SRR: What do you think of internet radio and podcasts? Is that the new way to get your name out there?

JL: I think that internet radio and podcasts are great, any exposure for a band in the right medium targeting the right people is always a good thing.

SRR: How do you feel about the state of the music business today?

JL: We don’t worry about that too much.  We make Metal because it’s in our hearts and it’s what we truly love to do, and as long as people out there keep supporting us we will keep going strong!

SRR: Do you think there is a way to fix it, ideas to make it better?

JL: Metal has always been underground for the most part to make it mainstream and a serious commercially viable product then it wouldn’t be true Metal at all.

SRR: Do you think streaming service is the way to go for your music?

JL: It is a good outlet to take advantage of for bands, but old school Metalheads still want cds and vinyl!

SRR: What’s your take on the recent commentary that rock is dead?

JL: It changes forms and names but it’s never dead.

SRR: It seems bands seem to do better in other countries. As an example, many bands who play clubs in the states actually play big venues overseas. Why do you think that is?

JL: My opinion is that because overseas in a lot of those countries people place a high value on art and music much more than they do here in America.

SRR: Do you think bands should let their political views dictate who should be a fan of their music? Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit, recently stated that if you voted for Trump, “I want you out of my life”. As well as others. Do you think that’s fair to the fans?

JL: No, not at all, politics always divide people. Metalheads need to stick together, as far as Limp Bizkit goes I don’t care what they think because I think they suck and are a disgrace to Metal!

SRR: What advice would you give to a band who is starting out today?

JL: Do it for the right reasons, because it’s in your heart! Use a click track, rehearse a lot get tight before you play live!

SRR: What is on your band bucket list?

JL: To tour Europe, Japan and South America

SRR: Last, can you please tell us about upcoming band plans regarding live shows, tours and any new music being written and recorded.

JL: We are currently writing songs for our third release titled: Thee Indomitable Spirit. We hope to have that released first half of 2019. Thanks for the great interview and for supporting underground Metal!

SRR: We thank Joe Lawson for ding this interview.

You can check out the bands website here.

Their Facebook page here.

Check out their latest lyric video and single Faith Weapon from their current album “Tyranny of the Sea” below.

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