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Serj Tankian Releases New Single “Electric Yerevan”, About The Armenian Protests!

Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) has released a new single from his jut released EP “Elasticity”. You can get a copy here. His new song is Electric Yerevan. It’s about the Armenians protesting the rise of utility prices, hence the electricity in the title. In you need the Armenians perspective check out the chorus verse;

“We don’t want to be the bitch of any superpowers, color revolutions fade, we want cheap power, Electric, electric, electric

Electric Yerevan, We say no to corruption and no to plunder,

Billionaire playgrounds are going under, Electric, electric, electric Electric Yerevan”

I think you get the message after that. Obviously, Tankian is very passionate about Armenia. In case you are wondering, Yerevan is the capital of the country. From the opening riff and the drums kicking in, you know you are in for a thrill ride. This is pretty upbeat musically for a protest song. But I love the way Tankian delivers it and the message and the whole package. A part that I think that adds some impact to the point of the song is the narrative he does halfway through the song. For some reason , I feel it’s perfect for the track. The video is a timeline of the protests from 2015 to 2018’s Velvet Revolution. You also get Tankian singing with electric currents around him, pretty cool. Fists Up! Check it out below.

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