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Sevendust Release “Medicated”, Are We Used To It?

Sevendust released Medicated from their forthcoming album “All I See Is War”. Out today. The song discussed how we all fall into taking meds and that we are to blame for it. It’s a great topic for discussion and very relevant when you consider the Opioid crisis that is happening now. Check out these lyrics that kind of define a dismal view of things;

“It’s all who you know. Death undertow. We all fall victim to it. All chemical. Where have we gone? Are we just used to this?”

Are we used t it, is it just commonplace? Something to think about. The video itself doesn’t do anything to enhance the message, but that may be deliberate to focus on the song itself. Musically this song rocks and one of the bands better efforts. Check it out below.

#AllISeeIsWar #Medicated #Sevendust

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