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Seventh Calling’s Guitarist And Vocalist, Steve Handel, Tells You What It’s Like To Rock

Seventh Calling

SRR: I’d like to start out with a question about the band name. Is it a reference to anything specific or just a name that sounded good?

SH: “Not really anything specific other than Heavy Metal!.  There was a pick the name process. Ultimately, in the end,  the name sounded right and best for what we feel our music is”.

SRR: For those who don’t know much about Seventh Calling, how would you describe your music?

SH: “A call to the traditional style heavy metal with Seventh Calling added to the mix.  Ha!  A good question.  Surely heavy metal, but there are different styles and influences mixed in as well, that kind of give SC a unique sound or twist to the music”.

SRR: What can you tell me about your band’s logo, how it came to be, etc.?

SH: “The idea of a double bladed battle axe basically.  So doing the 7s back to back with the C in the middle made sense”.

SRR: My understanding is you went through some lineup changes and finally decided to record Battle Call, with them. Can you elaborate on the transition from 2014’s Epidemic to this one?

SH: “Yes, a lot of changes actually.  A complete different lineup except for myself, and a move across the states to South Dakota from Las Vegas NV.  So a lot had gone down before finally getting the material finished and ready to record”.

SRR: Being how Battle Call is your latest album, how is it being received? Is it meeting your expectations?

SH: “It has been received rather well so far.  I did not know what to expect since it had been some time since the previous record.  But, yes, all in all, it is meeting the group’s expectations”.

SRR: Because there isn’t much of a record industry, or at the very least, not like it was, do you find it better controlling your own destiny through social media and live shows, or would you feel better having a label and its resources behind you?

SH: “Honestly, I feel that help would always be better for a band.  We would rather have a support group. Help with resources, whether it be management, an actual booking agency or any other items like this. It all really makes a difference”.

SRR: What are your thoughts on streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music, etc.?

SH: “It makes our music able to be heard easily.  Basically.  No not much financial gain as it is simply a way of promoting your music easier, in my opinion.”

SRR: It seems that the music scene in the rest of the world, such as Europe, South America, Japan and Australia, have a better support system for rock acts. Here in North America artists seem to struggle. For instance, band’s like Kiss, have to tour with Def Leppard to sell out arena’s here, but in other countries, they sell out stadiums on their own. Alter Bridge has to play clubs in the States but does play Wembley Arena in Europe. Why do you think that is?

SH: “My opinion would be most only listen to the radio as in FM airwaves that play the same Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath song since they were written.  Programming the general public to only like what is on airwaves.  You see this all the time in full force when you go to a night club with cover band music.  The only music the crowd ever cares about is what is on the radio.  A band performs one of their own songs or a lesser known song by a radio artist and the crowd usually does not pay attention.  It is kind of ridiculous actually!”

SRR: What about internet radio stations, have you reached out to them? They seem to be open to unsigned bands etc.

SH: “Yes they are open to unsigned bands.  We have quite a large list of stations that play our music online.  Another good way for promoting your music to a bigger base of listeners”.

SRR: Do you make a good living or are shows profitable? Do you rely on merchandise at shows? Are you able to survive?

SH: “It is hard to just rely on merchandise sales without a form of guarantee.  So, sometimes you end up losing money just to perform.  That is the way of the industry”.

SRR: Are you disappointed that the bigger bands have a play to pay to open for them? Do you feel they should help support the local and up and coming artists?

SH: “This has actually been a thing forever.  We just have never heard about it mostly.  The theory is if the band has no draw then they pay to perform.  However, there is a bit more to this than just play.  You must cover expenses such as advertisement of your group and be doing your part of the marketing campaign as well.  There are much more facets to what it costs a band to tour than simply gas, food, or hotel.  So I do understand why there is a cost.  However, on the other side of the coin, if a group is not allowed to perform to a crowd, then, in fact, how will they have a draw?  That would be a nice thing right there if they actually did support local or up and coming artists.  It is an interesting subject matter indeed”.

SRR: Bands are always trying to come up with creative ways to sustain fans, such as doing complete cover albums. For example, The Rolling Stones just released a new tribute to the Blues, in the past Def Leppard and others have done one. Just recently Ace Frehley did one on his influences. Is this something you would consider?

SH: “We actually perform music from groups like Accept, W.A.S.P, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Scorpions and so on.  It is fun to perform some of your idol’s music.  So yes, we are down with that sometimes”.

SRR: That being said, will you do like many others and put out a covers EP or album?

SH: “I am expecting that we may record some songs from some of our heroes, but whether we release any or not is another story.  Time will tell”.

SRR: Anything you want to say to the fans about your music and band that they should know.

SH: “Look up Seventh Calling on Google, Facebook, Reverbnation, Youtube, Twitter and more for current news and what we have going on! Also visit our direct link to for all of the current merchandise and back catalog plus shirts, patches and more!”

One of my favorites off their Battle Call album is the song Deliverance. You can check it out below.

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