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Seventrain Releases New Single “Now You Know”!

Seventrain has a new album coming out this year called “Back On Track”. No official date has been given, but you can order it here. The bands’ first single from it is, Now You Know. The song has a nice heavy riff followed by a hard driving drum beat. I really like the harmonies on this it really catches your ear. The single has a lot going on, from the riff driven guitars, the harmonies,  the change up when they slow down and finally, the vocals of Eric Koonze. He is the true star of this song, it shows his vocal range and really impressed me how it changed the tone of the track.  I also like the fact the chose to shoot the video in the studio where the band performs the song. Check it out below.

#BackOnTrack #NowYouKnow #Seventrain

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