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Shallow Ground’s Frontman Keith Letourneau Tells Us How They Are Keeping Thrash Alive While E

Shallow Ground

SRR: Can you tell me how you went from a four-piece band to a three-piece band?

KL: Our guitarist Tim felt it was time for him to move on and do something other than Thrash. We said cool we will miss you! We tried out a bunch of guitar players but they could not cut the fast picking. And we were still gigging and no one noticed we went from a 4 to a 3 The music became tighter and faster!

SRR: How do you think that will affect your live shows?

KL: It does not at all! I use 2 Randall guitar heads and 2 cabs one on each side of the stage and my effects allow me to use both heads in stereo so there is to different guitar sounds on each side of the stage you would never know there was 1 guitar until a lead and now I have the room to just go off !! During my leads hell of a lot of fun!

SRR: Are you in the studio now and what can you tell us about the new album?

KL: Yes, we are. But we had to take a break from it for a few months our engineer is out on tour. It will be fast in your face old school Thrash! Fun for all !!

SRR: Has the dynamics of writing material changed now that you are a three piece?

KL: A little now I have to write meaningful guitar solos and not just go off! But nothing has really changed at all I still write a major share of the tunes.

SRR: Why did you split with your current label Killer Metal Records and are you with a new label now?

KL: Wow, we split from KMR lol No we are still signed to KMR! Lol, where did you hear we left. We love Jens !!!

SRR: Will you be releasing a single soon?

KL: Maybe we have to see what the label says sometimes good things come to those who wait lol. We should be doing a vid or 2 to promote the CDs release when it happens sometime next year!

SRR: What do you see is the big difference as when you started back in the 1990’s versus today?

KL: Internet and a lot of bands, tons of bands! Some and not many are awesome !!! And I miss the putting of fliers on everything and going out and seeing people. Back then metal,  real metal shows were few and far between and always got good crowds!

SRR: When you hear that “Rock is dead”, do you agree? Disagree?

KL: Still waiting to see if it is or not! I look at it like this if one crazy mother fucker loves metal it’s alive and well !!! Ozzy, you can’t kill rock n roll!

SRR: What’re your thoughts on streaming services? Do they think they benefit you as an artist?

KL: They can help at times and hurt other times!

SRR: What would be your advice for bands starting out now?

KL: Respect everyone and everything you do! There is no fucking place for ego trips !! Stay grounded and enjoy the ride!

SRR: Anything you would like to people to know about Shallow Ground that they might now know.

KL: Kurt, Mark and I would like to say thank you to all our fans and friends out there. We love all of you. Check us out and if you like old school Thrash I think you may like us but find us like us and spread the word about SG !!!! Thanks it’s been a blast KL

You can check out the latest news and info on the band here. Below is the most recent track from the band’s current album “Embrace The Fury” called Slayer Of The Gods.

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