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Shinedown Releases A Warning With “Planet Zero”!

Shinedown will be releasing a new album on April 22nd titled “Planet Zero”. You can pre-order it here. Ahead of its release is the title track. Planet Zero is earth in this case. The band takes a look at our society telling us what will happen if we keep going this way. Check out the the following verse;

“Out here on planet zero We live like no tomorrow I think we’ve reached the ceiling They’re canceling your feelings On to better days or so they say But I don’t think so They’re murdering our heroes Out here on planet zero”

There you have it that is about the cancel culture. I’ll leave it at that. Brent Smith sings this song like he’s possessed and ticked off. It really gives the track some dramatic effect. Musically, it’s what you would expect to get from the band. They really didn’t journey too far from their core sound. The video on the other hand gives a futuristic look at what we may have to face. It plays out like a sci-fi thriller and I’m sure they will release more videos to help keep the cinematic experience going. Check it out below.

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