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Shinedown Releases “Monsters”, Something Everyone Can Relate Too!

Shinedown has released their latest single from their current album “Attention Attention”. Monsters tells a story about self awareness, addiction, abuse etc. It seems to be the trend of the new record. Certain lines of the song are extremely well written like:

“Don’t get angry, don’t discourage Take a shot of liquid courage”


“Call a doctor, say a prayer Choose a god you think is there”

Those are pretty deep lines in my opinion. I think the songs speaks to everyone in some way that has faced some type of difficulty in their life. I won’t define it for you, that’s the beauty of the lyrics. The band really out do themselves with the music and the vocals. You can really hear the passion and feel their anger. The video has the band performing it behind a story line. Singer Brent Smith does she acting in it as well. Nothing to complain about on this one. Check it out below.

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