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Silvertung, Lemmy, Skid Row, Guns & Roses, Corners Of Sanctuary!

The biggest news this week is the passing of Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead. If there is a rock star that lived and was the epitome of what one should be it was him. A true legend and often stated as the Godfather of Metal. His influence can be heard from the likes of Metallica and so on. You can see that through the comments left by all of the rockers on his passing. The news of his passing has dominated every music outlet as it should. He found out he had an aggressive cancer (unknown at this time), two days after his 70th birthday (December 24). He was given two to six months to live when he got the news. I have seen him play, but never had the privilege of meeting him. I wish I could have. Memorial services will be held January 9 at The Rainbow Bar And Grill, where he spent a lot of his off time. The services run from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. in West Hollywood, CA.  RIP, Lemmy! You will be missed! Rumor has it that the band will stream it.

Peter Frampton has announced a Raw Acoustic tour. You can get dates here

It’s official! Guns And Roses are reuniting Axl, Slash and Duff to play Coachella.

Tony Harnell and Skid Row parted ways. The band found out about it like the fans did. Harnell posted it on social media, not letting the band know in person. At the same time Skid Row was supposedly talking about a reunion with Sebastian Bach and opening for the Guns And Roses reunion tour. The band has denied this at this time.

Corners Of Sanctuary have released a new video this week for their song, Left Scarred. It’s off their current album, Metal Machine. You can check it out here

Anthrax will be at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ, on January 26. They will be signing their custom playing cards of their new album, For All Kings, which comes out on February 26.The cards come with a two song download of the new album.

Check out my friend Eric Gessner’s radio show. It’s called Now And Then, on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. Pacific time. He has a lot exclusive news that you can get. I won’t tell you, so you will have to listen. I don’t want to be the spoiler. He gets interviews from many rock stars and so much more.  Check it out here

Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock released Communion off their latest album, Spirit On A Mission. Check it out here

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Def Leppard have released Part 2 of the making of their current self titled album. You can watch it here

Last week’s Rockucation question:  Don Henley, Phil Collins, Levon Helm, Peter Criss, Mickey Dolenz, David Grohl, Don Brewer, Ringo Starr, Taylor Hawkings and Roger Taylor to name a few, all have this in common? The answer comes to us from Seekonk, MA. Kamran Khan got it right is that they all play drums and sing.

Stone Temple Pilots released a tribute video to Scott Weiland. You can watch it here

Motley Crue will be releasing their final show from New Year’s Eve at the Staples Center, later this year. The band states this is for the fans, so they can have a souvenir from the Final Tour.

If you are looking for archived footage, ads and even current goings on in music, check out my friend Bryan Kuntz’s This Ain’t The Summer Of Love here

Now that the new year has begun, I want to say that I am thankful for all the support that all of you have given me. I truly appreciate all of you who interact in whatever way that you do with me via my site, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I have some big plans for 2016 and I think you will like what’s coming. In the meantime I will continue to grow this site and continue to earn your support. Happy New Year everyone!

Can you guess this week’s Rockucation question? This band started out as a 4 piece before it became a power trio. The singer got his nickname because he seemed to always wear a yellow and black striped shirt resembling a bee. Who is the band?

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