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Sixteenx20 Release “Cure”. Proof Rock Isn’t Dead!

Sixteenx20 has released another single in Cure. You need to get to know the guys in the band: Ed Lawrence (Vocals), Tucker Apple (Guitar), Robbie Lesenechal (Drums) and Mike Harrop (Bass). Once you hear the sing, you will know why. This is what great rock song sounds like. Each member stands out in their own right. The music pulls you in right away and takes you on a journey. A trip that’s worth taking, a eargasm you might say. This band is on the rise. Opening for a lot well known acts and making converts out of al that attend. You can follow them on Facebook here. to if you want to check more of their music, check out their Reverbnation here.. Pay attention to them and mark my words, they won’t be a club band for long. Turn this one up loud. You can play it below.

#Cure #Sixteenx20

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