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Skyfactor Teams Up With Dan Avidan For Their New Single “A Thousand Sounds”!

Skyfactor has released the title track from their album “A Thousand Sounds”. The new single also features Dan Avidan of Ninja Sex Party. This is a fun and melodic song. A bit on the light side and not a ballad, now that says something. The way that Jon Rubin makes the acoustic guitar stand out and drive this track.  I love the harmonies with frontman Bob Ziegler and the jovial attitude of the song. I will tell you upfront this is a an ear worm of a song. Once you play it you will be singing it all day, especially the following verse;

“I’ll wait for you Till the stars come falling down I’ll wait for you Till I can not make a sound I’ll wait for you Till my life gets turned around I’ll wait for you Cause it’s all that I can do”

Yes, you can blame for this one being in your head. I warned you. It’s refreshing to hear something like this with all the serious tones going around in rock these days. Just listening to the song makes you smile, it’s the only reaction you can get. It makes you feel good as any rock song should. You’ll be singing along in no time. I’m sure this goes over well with a live audience. It’s definitely set up for the interaction. The video shows the band performing the song with Avidan. As many of you know that’s my favorite type of video. I can hear you already singing “in hahh nananah”. You can check it out below.

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