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Slash – House of Blues – 06/02/12


Featuring Myles Kennedy

And The Conspirators

Photo BY: Seth A. Kahaian

August 2, 2012

House Of Blues

Boston, MA

         Set List                                                                          Slash

  1: Halo                                                                           Slash   Lead Guitar

  2: Night Train                                                Myles Kennedy    Vocals, Guitar

  3: Ghost                                                              Todd Kerns    Bass, Vocals

  4: Standing In The Sun                                           Brent Fitz    Drums

  5: Back From Cali                                            Frank Sidoris    Rhythm Guitar

  6: My Michelle                    Special Guest: Lemmy Kilmister     Vocals

  7: Beggars And Hangers On

  8: Not For Me

  9: Rocket Queen

10: Doctor Alibi (Featuring Lemmy Kilmister On Vocals)

11: You’re Crazy (Todd Kerns On Vocals)

12: No More Heroes

13: Starlight

14: Hard and Fast

15: Anastasia

16: Sweet Child O’Mine

17: You’re A Lie

18: Slither

19: By The Sword (Encore)

20: Paradise City (Encore)

  Honorable mention of course is that the Canadian band Monster Truck opened for them. They sounded pretty good and they seem to be on he cusp of making a break through. Watch out for them, not keen on their name, but their music may be enough to save them.

This is the second time I have seen Slash with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.  The first time was magical and this time didn’t disappoint. As a friend of mine pointed out, the bar is set high and they went above expectations.  This time out, Slash spent some money on the stage set up, lights and the show. Myles, for instance, has a platform he stands on during the show in the front of the stage.  Slash hit the stage with Halo and the place erupted and right then and there you knew they were going to kill the crowd.

Photo BY: Seth A. Kahaian

There are so many highlights from this show, it really is a great concert, you won’t get two hours like this anywhere. If you haven’t gotten on board yet that Myles is this generation’s Robert Plant, then you are missing out on the very obvious.  He nails each song, including the Axl Rose and Scott Weiland songs, some even say he is better (I am in that group because I agree!). His range is amazing and until you seehim live you may never understand. Back to Slash, he did seven songs from Apocalyptic Love, he could have done the whole record and I would have been happy (you can read my review of it under CD Review). But Slash represents his whole career when you see him live and that is great for us the fans.

Photo BY: Seth A. Kahaian

A special treat tonight was Rocket Queen. Slash did a huge jam in the middle of the song, which he didn’t do the last time I saw him. It was truly something to see and hear. Everyone was into it and it definitely ranks of one of the best highlights of my concert going experiences. The show was worth it just for that.

Photo BY: Seth A. Kahaian

A very rare event happens at concerts when special guests just appear on stage and tonight we got Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead singing Doctor Alibi. You could tell Slash was excited and the song rocked and it was great to be able to have the opportunity to see that.  Todd Kerns took on vocals for You’re Crazy and did a good job with that, but he is no Myles.  But he seems to have a good time up there and the audience joins in with him.

The part of the show that everyone waits for is Slash’s guitar solo. Yes, he still does the theme from the Godfather, but he does so much more. He plays to the audience as well as showing off his talents and the way he plays just blows the audience away. You can see why he is in such demand to play on everyone’s records.  Right after his solo he rolls into Anastasia, I mean he doesn’t even give his hands a break after playing a kick ass guitar solo. That alone says something about his playing. By the way this has to go down as one of rocks greatest tracks. I can’t get enough of this song and to hear it live, amazing is all I can say about that.

By The Sword and Paradise City were the encores and this year they had confetti to go with the show, which was a nice touch. Slash said he was coming back real soon to Boston and if you can catch him and the boys you should. I know I will.

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