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Soldiers Of Solace Debut New Song “Naked Truth”!

Soldiers Of Solace are nothing short of fantastic. I have been talking them up for some time now and we will be blessed with their debut album “We Are Immortal”. Out on January 26th. They released the single Naked Truth on the show All That Shred’s podcast, which you can hear below. That aside, once you hear the first chords of the song it grabs you and then Jason Longo’s vocals pull you in. The rhythm section of Ron Therrien, bass and Francesco Daniele on drums command your attention and drive this song. The dual guitar work of Jeff Fahy on lead guitar and Luis Cubille on rhythm guitar give this song the punch you expect from a track of this type. The solo just rocks with the drums behind it, that gives you the wow factor right there. I must add that this song is produced very well. It captures the raw edgy sound I think the band has. If you want some meaningful lyrics then check out the following:

“I want to know what is deep inside you, I’ll walk through hell with your handheld in mine”

That says quite a lot. Take it from me, these guys know how to write a song and are the real deal. You can follow the band at their website here. Without further ado play this one loud!

Listen to “Debut Song from Soliders Of Solace!” on Spreaker.

#NakedTruth #SoldiersOfSolaceWeAreImmortal

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