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Soldiers Of Solace Debut Title Track “We Are Immortal”!

Soldiers Of Solace have released the title track for their debut album “We Are Immortal”, out now. The band shows how heavy thunderous rock should be done. We Are Immortal speaks to your spirit, that you can overcome and rise up. You should seize the day, don’t wait your time is now. The music reflects that in its hard-driving rhythm section and guitar work. Jason Longo’s voice demands your attention. As you watch the video of the live performance, you can see why. He commands the audience and being that I have seen the band, I can speak from experience, it’s captivating. The video shows how tight the band is on stage. You can learn more about the band here. Check out the video below.

#SoldiersOfSolace #WeAreImmortal

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