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SRR A-Sides!

Richie Kotzen of Winery Dogs fame released a new track this week off of his current album, “Salting Earth”. The new song is My Rock. Check it out below.

Alice Cooper will be reuniting with three members of the original members of the band when the band was Alice Cooper before Alice took over as Alice. bassist Dennis Dunaway, drummer Neal Smith, and guitarist Michael Bruce. They will be doing a one-off mini set at the Alice Cooper Show, May 14, in Nashville, TN. If you can catch it, you should.

Queen with Adam Lambert has announced Europe, UK, and Ireland dates. You can get the info and details here.

Theocracy released a new lyric video this week from their latest album “Ghost Ship”. This song seemed to be timed well as it is named, Easter. Check it out below.

Megadeth has announced more U.S. tour dates and is having Meshuggah, Tesseract, and Lillake as openers. It starts at the end of June in Big Flats, NY and ends in July in Pittsburgh, PA. Get the details here.

Snakecharmer has their second album coming out on May 12th called, “Second Skin”. They are streaming Punching Above My Weight this week. Listen to it below.

In case you missed it, Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson of Heart, aren’t speaking wth each other. Apparently, Ann’s husband Dean Wetter hit Nancy’s twin sons. Ann’s husband has been charged with assault for 2 accounts of fourth-degree assault. The incident happened at Heart’s Auburn, Washington show. On Ann’s tour bus. You can search out the stories, the sisters have different takes on the situation. Either way, I doubt you will be seeing Heart tour anytime soon.

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