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SRR Singles!

Chuck Berry has a new song and video called, Big Boys. It’s from the album “Chuck” out on June 9th. Even though Berry passed away at 91, you can tell with the two what we have heard from this album, he still had it. This video is really well done and I think it captures the true spirit of him. Check it out below.

Of Mice & Men have released a new song, their second with bassist, Aaron Pauley on vocals. The song is called Back To Me and he does another great job taking over the lead vocals in the band. No new album release yet. Check it out below.

Buckcherry has parted with guitarist and co-founder Keith Nelson and drummer Xavier Muriel. No reason was given for the departure. Guitarist Kevin Roentgen (Orson), and drummer Sean Winchester (Everclear) are their replacements.

Roger Waters released a new song called The Last Refugee. It’s from his soon to be released album, “Is This The Life We Really Want”. Out on June 2nd. Watch the video below.

Adrenaline Mob have a new song they just released for their new album, “We The People”. Out on June 2nd. Check out their new song about opioid abuse, Chasing Dragons below.

Rise Against has released a new song from their new album coming out on June 9th, called “Wolves”. The new song is House On Fire. Check it out below.

My friend shared this band from Stockholm, Sweden called degreed. The song is called The Scam and it’s from their album, “Dead But Not Forgotten”. He pointed out the vocals, which are very good, but I say check out that guitar solo, now that’s magical. Either way, check it out below.

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