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SRR Singles!

Stone Temple Pilots have released their official lyric video for their single Meadow. This is with heir new singer Jeff Gutt. Check it out below.

Vintage Trouble has released a new Christmas single and lyric video called Santa Why. You can check it out below.

Palace Of The King has released a new single this week for their forthcoming album “Get Right With Your Maker”, due out early 2018. You can check out It’s Been A Long Time Coming below.

Linkin Park has released a performance clip of their song Sharp Edges. The song is from their just-released album “One More Light Live”. You can watch it below.

36 Crazyfists have released a new single from their current album “Lanterns”. You can check out their video for “Wars To Walk Away From” below.

Joe Satriani has released the title track this week from his album “What Happens Next”. You can listen to it below.

The Doors will be releasing a CD/DVD set on February 23rd. It is called “The Doors At The Isle Of Wight 1970. You can watch the trailer for it below.

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