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SRR Singles!

The Rolling Stones have released a new lyric video in the same animated format as their last single (2000 Light Years From Home) for the 50th anniversary of “Their Satanic Majesties Request”. It comes out September 22. Check out She’s A Rainbow below.

Heaven & Earth have released a new lyric video for their new song The Game Has Changed. It’s from their forthcoming album “Hard To Kill”. Out on October 6th. You can watch it below.

Gene Simmons has finally announced his box set “The Vault”. No official date yet. The web site he refers to in his video says coming soon. You can watch him tell you about it below.

Theory Of A Deadman has released a new song this week called Echoes. It’s from their soon to be released album “Wake Up Call”. Out on October 27th. You can check it out below.

L.A. Guns have released another track from their album “Missing Peace” out on October 6th. Listen to Christine below.

Queen is releasing the 40th anniversary “News Of The World” box set. They have released a trailer for it. You can watch it below.

Motley Crue has released another video from their 30th anniversary of “Girls Girls Girls”. They are offering special deals in their Pledge Music campaign. You can check that out here. But no release date yet. Check out Wild Side below.

Steel Panther has teamed up with Stone Sour for their latest video Wasted Too Much Time. It’s from their current album “Lower The Bar”. Check it out below.

Eric Clapton previewed his “Life In 12 Bars” documentary. It will air on Showtime on February 10th. You can check it out below.

Pink Cream 69 released “We Bow To None from their soon to be released album “Headstrong”. Out on November 10th. Check out the song below.</p

Green Day has released another song from their current album “Revolution Radio”. Check out Too Dumb To Die below.

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