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Staind Release A Dismal Feeling New Single "In This Condition"!

Staind has a new album coming out on September 22nd titled "Confessions Of The Fallen". You can pre-order a copy here. In This Condition is the the third single from the forthcoming album. It seems like the band is back to what them great in the first place. I think it sounds like the band decided to go back to its roots. They have made us wait for a new album and once again they are proving that we waited for something great. I love the angst in this track and makes feel they have something to prove again. Lyrically, the song fits the band's mold. My favorite two lines are;

"Make it more like a dream,

Less like a nightmare"

That's a great way to describe the state of mind that the person is feeling. Two simple lines that say a lot. To go with the song they entertain us with an animated lyric video. Check it out below.

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